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This is the most advanced industrial roll production line here in China so far to produce the industrial roll. The processes of rewinding, tail sealing, roll transferring, cutting are fully automatic, which give the production much higher efficiency compared with traditional industrial roll slitting process.
This kind of industrial roll machine is designed to convert the big jumbo roll of 13-48 gsm into finished industrial roll which is used in public toilet or workshop and garage for cleaning. The feature of this machine is using aluminum pipe for rewinding which is much lighter than air expansion shaft and the pipe can be automatically feed to the rewinding section.
This industrial roll machine can make both JRT industrial roll and rolled hand towel, it's easy to change in a short time. With edge embossing, perforating,slitting and rewinding functions . Pneumatic jumbo roll loading, belt driving and web tension control devices. The finished roller rewinded by air-fill shaft.
This automatic industrial roll cutting machine is an orbital log saw machine for cutting the industrial rolls. This cutter has been built with the latest technology on the electronic and servo drive system,to increase the stabilities and quality of the cuts. The working speed can keep up with any type of rewinders for JRT products.
This kind of hot shrinking machine is designed to pack the industrial roll into shrinking film through heat shrinking process. It increase the efficiency of the industrial roll packing greatly.
This kind of industrial roll plastic bag sealer is designed to cut and seal the industrial roll into the plastic bag in the most suitable way, which enable the shrinking packed product to have the best appearence.
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