This kind of N fold towel machine is designed to produce N fold towel with lamination function, which can combine the two ply towel paper into one integrated ply towel through glue lamination system. The final product is more fluffy and soft than the single ply hand towel.
This kind of N fold towel machine is widely used to convert the single ply tissue towel jumbo roll into N or Z folded hand towel. It consists of one unwinder, one set steel to steel embosser and folding section. It works with assistant packer and manual cutter to produce the final finished product.
This V fold towel machine is used to produce V interfolded hand towel. It shares similar structure with facial tissue interfolder. We also have the model which can suit to both low grammage and high grammage tissue, it can convert both facial tissue and hand towel in one machine.
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