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The facial tissue production line mainly consists of facial tissue interfolding machine, automatic cutter, and box packing machine, soft packing machine, automatic shrinking unit as well as the whole conveyor and distributing system. It greatly increases the efficiency of facial tissue production.
This line is the most advanced toilet roll and kitchen towel roll production line. It adopts continuous rewinding struction and can produce toilet rolls with and without core. The steady working speed options are 350m/min, 300m/min, 200m/min;
This automatic toilet roll production line consists of two sets toilet roll rewinders, log accumulator, log saw and packing machine as well as the conveyer system, which make the production fully automatic. It's a pretty good choice for a middle-scale toilet roll converter to fulfill the automatic production.
The automatic log saw machine adopts PLC and servo control, which enable it to cut the tissue logs automatically into different lengths. It adopts the round blade with the diameter of 610mm. It equipped with auto blade grinding system and protection device, the cooling system after grinding makes the machine to have better performance when doing big volume cutting work.
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