New Products
10-lane facial tissue interfolding machine is the most advanced interfolding machine here in China, it is equipped with 4 unwinding stands which enable it to use the single ply parent roll directly come from the tissue machine with the width max. 2100mm;
This kind of box packing machine is the most advanced box packer now in China, it is designed to pack the facial tissue into the pre-made box. The working process is fully automatic, the production speed can reach to 50 boxes/min; And it can link to the facial tissue interfolding machine and auto cutter to form the complete facial tissue production line.
This is the most advanced industrial roll production line here in China so far to produce the industrial roll. The processes of rewinding, tail sealing, roll transferring, cutting are fully automatic, which give the production much higher efficiency compared with traditional industrial roll slitting process.
The automatic toilet roll middle packing machine is designed to finish bag making, toilet roll counting, wrapping, sealing, perforating function, which makes the toilet roll middle packing process fully automatic. It can pack toilet rolls with or without individual package.
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