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Product Name: Auto Toilet Roll Production Line
Model: WCM-PL
Brief Description: This line is the most advanced toilet roll and kitchen towel roll production line. It adopts continuous rewinding struction and can produce toilet rolls with and without core. The steady working speed options are 350m/min, 300m/min, 200m/min;
This line is the newest model which is upgraded on base of our quondam automatic re-winder and foreign technology. A lot of advanced control technology are used in this line。such as: Program Logic Control System;HMI,;one button chinese-english switch;synchronous frequency conversion drive;integration of mechanics,electrics and photo.It is equipped with whole trouble information.It can detect and adjust every action of the rewinder automaticaly to keep the rewinder in optimal situation.For example:There is a web tension system in the line,It can control speed according to the tension of web so it can adapt different type of jumbo roll.So it is the best choice to produce top-grade bathroom tissue and kitchen towel for paper company. The characteristics of the rewinder are as follows:

1、Unwind is equipped with closed loop frequency conversion control system.

2、When the webs do not align,you can operate on the touch button screen to
move the jumbo roll till webs align.

3、When the core unit can not detect core or core will use up, the machine will
alarm to tell operator or workers to put some cores on the core bracket.

4、When the machine is running, web break off suddenly for reason of speed
change sharply of problem from jumbo roll.

5、Degree of tightness can be adjusted while a log is rewinding.It can produce
different degree of tightness in one log.

6、When a log is rewinding,the next core is ready.

7、For the reason of using advanced technology:Program Logic Control System;
synch-ronous frequency conversion drive;integration of mechanics,electrics
and photo.

8、When the finished log come to tail sealer, trimming, glue spraying and sealing
can be finished at the same time.

9、embossing unit and glue applicator、edge embossing unit、printing system is
order by customer.

10. Steady running speed: 350m/min, 300m/min, 200m/min. (3 options to choose)

11. Machine width: 1800mm, 2200mm, 2800mm;