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Product Name: Automatic High Speed Box Packing Machine
Model: WCM-C
Brief Description: This kind of box packing machine is the most advanced box packer now in China, it is designed to pack the facial tissue into the pre-made box. The working process is fully automatic, the production speed can reach to 50 boxes/min; And it can link to the facial tissue interfolding machine and auto cutter to form the complete facial tissue production line.
Box Dimension (200-240) x (100-130) x (50-100)mm
Driving Motor drive splitter for intermittent and specific feeding
Box Open System Vacuum sucking
Box Sealing System Cam-linkage mechanism folding & hot melt adhesive sealing
Design Speed 60 boxes/min
Production Speed 50 boxes/min
Glue Melt System Electric heater
Sealing Inclination Tolerance Less than 1 degree
Installation Power 11.7 kW
Pneumatic System Min. 0.6 MPa, 1500L/Shift
Driving System Cam linkage, gear, sprocket wheel, T-belt, flat belt
Protection System All the main driving parts with cover
Dimension (conveyor excluded) 4200 x 1430 x 1300mm (L x W x H)
Weight 2400 KG