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Product Name: Automatic Toilet Roll Middle Packing Machine
Model: WCM-LB300
Brief Description: The automatic toilet roll middle packing machine is designed to finish bag making, toilet roll counting, wrapping, sealing, perforating function, which makes the toilet roll middle packing process fully automatic. It can pack toilet rolls with or without individual package.
Main Specification:
  1. Scope of Application:  Toilet roll;
  2. Packing Material: CPP;
  3. Packing film thickness: 0.04 – 0.06mm;
  4. Max packing film outer diameter: 350mm;
  5. Packing film core diameter: 76mm;
  6. Packing speed(P/min): Max 15 bags/min;
  7. Dimension:6630mm×1035mm×1700mm
  8. Power: 9KW
  9. Weight :1500kg


1、Provide chain-plank conveyer or Flexible conveyor belt, can be
      connect with the converting machinery
2、Provide ink wheel printer, full automatic print production date,
      batch number and so on