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Product Name: Toilet Roll/Kitchen Towel Production Line
Model: WCM-ZDJ
Brief Description: This automatic toilet roll production line consists of two sets toilet roll rewinders, log accumulator, log saw and packing machine as well as the conveyer system, which make the production fully automatic. It's a pretty good choice for a middle-scale toilet roll converter to fulfill the automatic production.
This line is the newest model which is upgraded on base of our quondam automatic rewinder and foreign technology. A lot of advanced control technology are used in this line,such as: Program Logic Control System; HMI,; one button chinese-english switch; synchronous frequency conversion drive ;integration of mechanics, electrics and photo. It is equipped with whole trouble information. It can detect and adjust every action of the rewinder automatically to keep the rewinder in optimal situation.For example: There is a web tension system in the line, It can control speed according to the tension of web so it can adapt different type of jumbo roll. So it is the best choice to produce top-grade bathroom tissue and kitchen towel for paper company. The characteristics of the rewinder are as follows:

1、Unwind is equipped with closed loop frequency conversion control system.
2、When the webs do not align, you can operate on the touch button screen to move the jumbo roll till webs align.
3、When the core unit can not detect core or core will use up, the machine will alarm to tell operator or workers to put some cores on the core bracket.
4、When the machine is running, web break off suddenly for reason of speed change sharply or problem from jumbo roll, the machine will stop automatically.
5、Degree of tightness can be adjusted while a log is rewinding. It can produce different degree of tightness in one log.
6、When a log is rewinding, the next core is ready.
7、Adopts advanced technology such as Program Logic Control System; synchronous frequency conversion drive; integration of mechanics, electrics.
8、The perforation roll of the rewinder is machined by high precision numerical control milling machine. It is one-up in the world. The perforation blade come from germany and it can produce well-proportioned perforation with low noise and long life.
9、When the finished log come to tail sealer, trimming ,glue spraying and sealing can be finished at the same time.
10、embossing unit and glue applicator、edge embossing unit、printing system is order by customer.
Rewinder model 1760 2200  2500 2800 3000 3200 3500
Width (mm) 2000 2200 2500 2800 3000 3200 3500
Finished products diameter Φ 90~150  Tightness can be adjustable.
Finished products inner diameter Φ32~50 mm
Jumbo roll diameter(mm) Φ 1500 (Other sizes can be ordered)
Jumbo roll core inner diameter 3”,76.2 mm(Other sizes can be ordered)
Perforation distance (mm) 4 blades,90~160mm;2 blades,180~320mm;
Production speed 250~300m/ min
Parameter set Touching Multi-menu Man-machine Interface Operating System
Programmable controller Mitsubishi PLC program
Driving system Servo driving system
Jumbo roll stand 1-3 plies (ply quantity is as per order)
Pneumatic system Min. 0.5 Mpa  (prepared by the customer)
Power 7.5-25KW (380V,50HZ)
(L×W×H) Overall size 10 X (3-3.5) X 2m
Weight of equipment 4000~10000kg (approx)
Chosen items (Should be ordered separately)
Embossment Single embossment, double embossment, steel to steel embossment
Embossment down roller Felt roller, paper roller, rubber roller
Jumbo roll stand 1-3 plies
Printing 1-2 colors can be ordered.
Side rolling embossment be ordered
Kitchen towel Point-to-point embossment glue laminating system (should be ordered separately), Driven by servo; No counter point embossment glue laminating system (separate order), controlled by servo;
Calender Steel to steel, steel to rubber
Remote telecom service system Order separately
High Speed Log Saw
Toilet roll length 1500mm-3500mm
Toilet roll outer diameter Φ90mm-Φ150mm (standard size:110±5mm)
Cutting length length is changeable, servo control
Operating speed 150 cuts/min, 2 rolls/ cut
Round blade outer diameter Φ610mm
Installed power 10KW    (380V50HZ)
Log Accumulator
Toilet roll length 2000mm-3500mm
Toilet roll outer diameter Maximum 150mm, Minimum 90mm
Workable roll storage quantity 100-200 logs Ordered by customers
Storing speed 25 logs /min
Installed power AC motor 2HP: 2 sets
Optional Items
Customers can order below-mentioned auxiliary parts as per option:
  1. Two or three jumbo roll stands
  1. Steel to steel or steel to rubber embossment
  1. 1-2 color printing units.
  1. Point to point embossment or glue laminating unit
  1. Nested embossment & Glue laminating unit
  1. Maximum diameter of jumbo roll: 2500mm
  1.  Servo driving control