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Product Name: Facial Tissue Production Line
Model: WCM-FL
Brief Description: The facial tissue production line mainly consists of facial tissue interfolding machine, automatic cutter, and box packing machine, soft packing machine, automatic shrinking unit as well as the whole conveyor and distributing system. It greatly increases the efficiency of facial tissue production.

(1) Flexible solutions according to your investment budget.
(2) Connecting the interfolder and packing machines to make a complete production line, saved labor cost and increased efficiency;
(3) Flexible solutions according to your factory space and your required capacity;


-Are you thinking about how many packing and wrapping machines should be equipped with single-lane auto cutting machine?
-Are you thinking about how to equip the double-lane auto cutting machine with packing machines?
-Are you facing labor shortage? And are you looking for an auto cutting machine to connect with your packing machine to increase efficiency?

Just contact us, we are willing to provide you with the field and market information, and offer you the unique solution.

Total solution:

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Technical parameters:
Machine name Facial tissue production line (e.g. 10 lane model)
Applicable jumbo roll 13g/m2
Machine capacity daily 3.8tons(three shifts, 8hours per shift, efficiency 85%
monthly 106.4tons(28 days per month)
annually 1276.8tons(12 months per year)
Jumbo roll width 1850mm
Jumbo roll diameter ¢1200-1800mm
Jumbo roll core diamter ¢76-152mm(from paper making machine)
Product size Cross cutting size 210mm±1mm
Longitudinal cutting size Adjustable in the range of 100-200mm
Folded size 105mm±1mm
Power needed Main motor AC380V 50HZ 7.5KW
vacuum pump AC380V 50HZ 18KW
Design speed 150m/min
Production speed 130m/min
Air pressure 0.5Mpa(buyer prepares)