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Product Name: Automatic Industrial Roll Production Line
Model: WCM-GC
Brief Description: This is the most advanced industrial roll production line here in China so far to produce the industrial roll. The processes of rewinding, tail sealing, roll transferring, cutting are fully automatic, which give the production much higher efficiency compared with traditional industrial roll slitting process.


Mechanic Speed 500m/min
Production Speed 450m/min
Paper width up to 3600mm
Jumbo roll core inside diameter Φ76mm, other size to be specified
Jumbo roll diameter Up to Φ2500mm
Finished product diameter Φ140mm -Φ325mm
Finished product core inside diameter Φ40mm -Φ83mm
Tail sealer Automatic tail sealing and automatic transfer to the log saw
Driving system Independent drive
Web tension control Automatic electronic control
Optional Thread up system
  Point to point embosser & Lamination system
  Deco embosser and lamination system
  Nested embosser and lamination
Electrical controls Siemens or MITSUBISHI